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Home Visits

Voucher Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum spend of £20 for voucher discount eligibility
  2. Discount applicable to both Reiki for Animals and Bowen Therapy for Humans at Ufford Park, The Natural Health Centre and Home Visits, travel costs are not included in the discount.

What is the Bowen Technique?

A gentle touch therapy that is used on the body’s many trigger points, such as meridians, muscle groups and fascia connective tissue. Its direct touch approach motivates the body to heal itself, reaching beyond just the problem area to encourage this.

It is an holistic therapy, treating the whole body, and there is no manipulation or cracking of joints, or use of needles. 


About Hilary:

She trained in London initially with Alistair Rattray, and qualified in 2002 with ECBS (European College Of Bowen Studies) and has been a practicing Bowen Therapist since 2002.  She moved her practice from London to Suffolk in 2004, and currently has two clinics in Woodbridge and Melton, both about 10 miles from Ipswich.

As a fully trained therapist (European College of Bowen Studies), she also holds credits in Anatomy and Physiology.  She is a full member of The Bowen Therapists' European Register.

Since childhood she has been interested in the body’s capacity to heal itself, and how therapies such as Bowen can assist in stimulating this ability, and how they can work effectively alongside allopathic medicines.

In the late 1990’s she heard of and read widely about Psychoneuroimmunology - which (rather more scientifically) tied in well with her theories of self-healing!  It is a subject that continues to interest her.


Hilary also practices Reiki healing on animals focusing on hospitalised animals to help speed up recovery process, She is a full member of The Reiki Federation.  She treats most animals, from horses to chickens! Previously she was connected for five years with The Kynance Mews veterinary practice in London SW7​​


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