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The former is aimed at improving and developing the way people perform as part of a team, whether in the workplace or anywhere else where results matter. The latter is a holistic process aimed at helping people improve their personal performance.

The courses we deliver achieve this by creating a fun and thought-provoking environment, with material bespoke to their requirements, and with a focus on generating excellent results through recognising the importance of developing each individual, and the team as a whole, maximising potential and creating their own lasting success.

The one-to-one coaching we deliver achieves transformational change because it addresses the biological, psychological and social aspects of the individual, and recognises how their attitude or 'state' is the critical component of performance and that means as emotional awareness is created they identify their own powerful resources and can make better choices. Both the coaching and training harness the methodology and techniques contained within 'Spectrum', Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other useful psychological systems, including brain-friendly learning.

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