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Delicious-Nutritious promotes ways of increasing overall health and well-being with great tasting food that nurtures and energises your body. Enjoying a balanced diet has the added benefit of helping to establish and maintain your appropriate weight and can address a range of other symptoms and conditions. Our aim is to get you buzzing with some amazing fresh natural foods – it’s simple, we help you to eat well and feel great!

Maggie runs a variety of workshops that are all vegan, gluten free and raw. Each class is limited to 8 people to ensure a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with the opportunity to ask questions. They are part demonstration, part hands-on with a sit down meal at the end and recipes to take home. 

We believe that everyone has an opportunity to do something positive for their body (and their family’s) every day, protecting it for the future. Scientific research clearly identifies links between the food we eat, our lifestyles and common illnesses including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, skin disorders and arthritis to name a few. Delicious-Nutritious offers consultations, courses and Aromatherapy aimed at addressing many areas of health including:

• Weight problems

• Fatigue

• Stress

• Mood swings

• Digestive complaints

Individually, we are all responsible for the choices we make in relation to food, although decisions are often complicated and compromised by habits, relationships and time pressure.

However, with knowledge comes power and this combined with innovative strategies and the personal support we provide will, if this really is your goal, help you make the right choices to give you more control of your health and vitality.

In the end it’s a balancing act and our job is to help restore the equilibrium through food, purposeful supplementation and naturopathic techniques, whilst providing reassuring support to help facilitate change.

Maggie has for the past 25 years worked in complimentary therapy and health care sectors. She is a qualified naturopathic nutritional therapist (N.H.F. Dip Advanced & Clinical.) graduating from the Nutritional Healing Foundation, Bristol, an aromatherapist (S.P.A. Dip.) and previously worked as a Registered Nurse (RNMH). As a committed and qualified practitioner she also undertakes regular Continual Professional Development to deepen her knowledge of Nutritional Therapy. 

“As a therapist, my approach is truly holistic and encompasses not only the goodness from the foods we eat, but also emotional nourishment – taking account of lifestyles and the obstacles that we face daily which can distract us.”

Delicious nutritious in Felixstowe, Suffolk

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